Risk on a global perspective

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What risks are you concerned about? Perhaps it’s climate change, the rising cost of living or a natural disaster. Chances are, where you live is going to play a role in how you respond to the question. Insurance provider RSA commissioned a report to look at risk from a global perspective. For Canada, the top […]

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Top-10 most stolen cars for 2010

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In our last blog posting, we looked at how much auto insurance theft costs Canadian society every year and promised to follow up with a list of 2010’s most stolen cars, as well as tips on how to prevent vehicle theft. Every year in Canada, over 100,000 vehicles are stolen. According to the Insurance Bureau […]

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Auto theft costs Canadian society close to $1 billion

Author: OTC Insurance Brokers Posted on: 30.03.2011 0 comments

Auto theft costs our society a lot of money. The statistics on what auto theft costs are really quite staggering and are something the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) tracks. It says that in 2009, auto theft cost Canadian insurers $419 million, but when you add in other costs – such as legal, police services and the […]

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Get ready for spring

Author: OTC Insurance Brokers Posted on: 24.03.2011 0 comments

With spring showing signs of life in Nova Scotia, it is important that homeowners make preparations to protect their property from water damage due to the spring thaw. In a news release, the Insurance Bureau of Canada recomends people take steps to minimize damages to their properties. These actions include: Shovelling snow away from homes, especially away […]

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Top-five frauds

Author: OTC Insurance Brokers Posted on: 16.03.2011 0 comments

At the end of every year, Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) releases a list of the top-five auto insurance frauds that happened in Manitoba that year. (MPI is the crown corporation which is the province’s basic auto insurance provider). The list is very interesting to read. The number one fraud for 2010 sounds like it was straight […]

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EU bans insurance pricing based on gender

Author: OTC Insurance Brokers Posted on: 09.03.2011 0 comments

It seems kind of ironic that this decision was reached in March, a month which has a day devoted to International Women’s Day (March 8). CBC recently reported that the European Union’s highest court ruled that charging different insurance rates for men and women amounted to discrimination. The ruling will become effective Dec. 21, 2012, and […]

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Road fatalities fall to lowest level in 20 years

Author: OTC Insurance Brokers Posted on: 02.03.2011 0 comments

Recently released statistics show that road fatalities in Canada have fallen to their lowest levels in approximately 20 years. The numbers cover the years 1989 to 2008. In 2008 (the latest year for which figures are available), there were 2,419 road fatalities. In 1989, the number was 4,238. This represents a decrease of about 43 […]

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A different sort of top-five list

Author: OTC Insurance Brokers Posted on: 23.02.2011 0 comments

While OTC Insurance does not offer pet insurance, this top-five list is worth mentioning for any lover of furry friends. In the U.S., February marks American Heart Month. In honour of that, a pet insurance company which offers cat and dog insurance in the U.S. and Canada recently released a list of the top-five pet […]

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Auto insurance scam hits Ontario

Author: OTC Insurance Brokers Posted on: 16.02.2011 0 comments

An auto insurance scam has hit the Ontario area. The Toronto Star recently posted an article talking about the scam. The way it works is the scammers place newspaper ads offering auto insurance under the name “Security Insurance Inc.” The supposed premiums range from $700 to $2,200 per year and ads have been placed in […]

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Winter driving tips

Author: OTC Insurance Brokers Posted on: 09.02.2011 0 comments

With winter upon us and frequent (and heavy) snowfall happening during the last few weeks across Halifax and Nova Scotia, now seems like the ideal time to talk about some winter driving tips. The Insurance Bureau of Canada, the national industry association for Canada’s private home, car and business insurers recently posted some excellent winter […]

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