Car insurance fraud stories – part 2

Author: Jack Churchill Posted on: 21.09.2015

OTC Insurance Brokers Inc. is an car insurance broker in Halifax, Nova Scotia. This week’s post looks at some more great car insurance fraud stories.

Picking up on a previous post where we looked at some car insurance fraud stories, we’re back at it again, this time with some stories from Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI), the public auto insurance provider in Manitoba. Each year, the corporation publishes a list of the top frauds that got busted.

While the stories are funny, car insurance fraud isn’t. It affects all policyholders because it jacks up the cost of the premiums honest customers pay.

Car insurance fraud story 1


After a two-vehicle crash, a man told insurance investigators his wife had been driving and she confirmed that. The problem was the other driver remembered it was a man who was driving and he remembered this because after the crash, the other driver was not cooperative in terms of exchanging details.

The reason the man tried to say his wife was driving was because he was not allowed to drive. For his efforts, he was jailed for 14 days and fined $3,000.

Car insurance fraud story 2


A Winnipeg paper carrier filed an insurance claim after an accident and said his injuries prevented him from working, so the insurance corporation started paying him for loss of income.

Soon enough, he was delivering papers again and collecting insurance money. However, one of his delivery stops was actually to the headquarters of Manitoba Public Insurance where he was caught in the act by surveillance cameras.

The man pled guilty to a charge of fraud under $5,000 and was ordered by a judge to pay a $750 fine and restitution of $2,252.70.

One of the things that is interesting about the cases of car insurance fraud that MPI discovers is just how they determine fraud has occurred. Sometimes, it’s the result of investigations, while other times, it’s as a result of tips the corporation gets.



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