Christmas theft prevention tips

Author: Jack Churchill Posted on: 21.12.2015

OTC Insurance Brokers Inc. is an insurance broker in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. This week’s blog post looks at Christmas theft prevention tips.

For enterprising thieves, the Christmas season is an appealing time of year, particularly New Year’s Eve.

According to U.K. data from insurer Aviva – which is one of the insurers OTC Insurance works with – household theft claims spike eight per cent on New Year’s Eve compared to an average day.

Why is that?

“Thieves will take advantage of empty houses, party noise and fireworks as people celebrate late into the night on New Year’s Eve,” said Simon Warsop, Aviva’s chief underwriting officer, in a news release.

But it’s not just homes where thefts occur during the holiday season. Vehicles are another hotspot as people load up their vehicles with gifts while shopping and then thieves spot them in the vehicles and steal them. The best way of avoiding thefts from your vehicle are to place any purchases you make in the trunk. Don’t leave them out in the open.

So, what can we do to better protect our homes? There’s lots we can do and none of it is very complicated or time consuming.

Aviva recommends not leaving presents under the tree leading up to Dec. 25. Otherwise, this will “make your home look like a shop window for burglars” as Aviva puts it.

Be careful about how you get rid of gift packaging. Just putting out the boxes as is tells thieves what’s inside the home.

More Christmas theft prevention tips


Then there are the obvious tips like ensuring all doors and windows are locked, leaving lights and TVs on when you’re not home.

Aviva’s news release also looked at what the most popular items stolen at Christmastime are and compared the results from 2014 to 2004.

In 2014, high-tech items were the most popular item stolen, specifically the Apple iPhone 5s 16GB. In fact, seven of the 10 items on the list were Apple products.

In 2004, the items were mostly video game systems and video games. In at number 10 on the list was the DVD of Bridget Jones Diary. Seriously.

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