Condo Insurance

Nova Scotia

As a condo owner, people own a unit and a share in the common areas, perhaps a swimming pool or a garden. Because responsibility is shared for the common areas, you can be held responsible if something goes wrong in the common areas. This is another important feature of condo insurance. It helps cover legal liability in addition to protecting your personal possessions.

At OTC Insurance, we recommend taking an inventory of the possessions within your condo. Most people only do up a list of their possessions until it is too late, after something like a robbery or a fire. Having a full understanding of what possessions you own will also help us determine what the appropriate level of coverage should be for your condo.

Inventory Checklist

Please download and complete our Inventory Checklist. It will help you better understand your insurance needs and more importantly, it will provide a complete catalog of your possessions. Trying to remember what your possessions are after a loss can be very difficult. Take the time now to be prepared for that scenario. It is also a wise idea to take photos and make a video of your possessions located in your home to accompany the checklist.

You are able to get a quick quote on the quote engine below for interest, however in order to ensure that you are getting all applicable discounts by adding in your auto, or by qualifying for a preferred rate if you belong to a designated group please give us a call at the office. We value our client relationships and encourage all forms of communication including face to face…. something unavailable when you’re dealing with a call centre.