Halifax leads country in car collision rate

Author: Jack Churchill Posted on: 14.12.2015

OTC Insurance Brokers Inc. sells insurance for car owners in Halifax, N.S. This week’s post looks at how Halifax has the highest car collision rate in the country.

Insurer Allstate recently released a study looking at car collision rates in 81 Canadian cities and it found Halifax had the highest rate.

Overall, Nova Scotia had the highest rate of collisions.

The study did not explain why Halifax and Nova Scotia had such high collision rates.

The research found the four most common types of collisions were vehicles being rear-ended, accidents while turning or passing through an intersection, changing lanes and accidents involving parked vehicles.

The study was also able to determine what days drivers were least and most likely to have collisions.

The days where drivers were least likely to have collisions were Jan. 1 (News Years Day), July 1 (Canada Day) and Dec. 25 (Christmas).

I didn’t really find any of these three to be surprising, but what threw me for a loop were the days with the highest likelihood of getting into a collision. They were Dec. 23, Dec. 21 and Nov. 19.

I mostly don’t have an idea why these dates stand out.

In the case of Dec. 23, the only thing I can think of is that many people are out doing last-minute Christmas shopping, the malls are packed and people are stressed.

An unlikely possibility regarding Dec. 23 is that it’s Festivus, the made-up holiday from Seinfeld that is an alternative to Christmas consisting of airing grievances with people and letting them know how they have disappointed you and culminates in the feats of strength, which is essentially a wrestling match.

Sorry, I got sidetracked…

As for Dec. 21 and Nov. 19, what do you think? Does anything stand out to you?

One other interesting tidbit from the research was the days of the week that were safest to drive. Monday was the safest day of the work week, while Thursday and Friday were the worst days of the week to drive.  For travel, Saturdays and Sundays were considered best.

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