Permanent Life Insurance

Nova Scotia & New Brunswick

Life is full of uncertainties. Nobody knows exactly what will happen in their life. Will they live a long, healthy life? Will they become critically ill? Terminally ill? Life insurance helps prepare for some of those uncertainties and it should be a part of every individual’s insurance portfolio. Don’t leave things to chance, have peace of mind and be prepared for the financial hardships that uncertainty can bring.

OTC Insurance offers permanent insurance for its clients in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. This type of life insurance remains in place until the policy pays out. With this type of insurance, it is important to start contributing at a young age because the cost of financing it is spread over many more years.

If permanent insurance does not fit your life insurance needs, we also offer the following types of life insurance:

  • Term insurance – This provides life insurance coverage for a specified number of years.
  • Critical illness insurance – This form of coverage protects people in the event they become critically ill. A critical illness can impose a significant financial burden on people and can disrupt their lives significantly. Critical illness insurance pays a lump sum following the diagnosis of a covered illness and people can spend that money any way they choose, such as by paying down a mortgage or debts.
  • Mortgage insurance – This type of insurance is designed to pay out an insured’s mortgage in the event they die before the mortgage is paid off.

Whole life insurance – is life insurance that protects you from the date of purchase until the day you die. It guarantees a lifetime of protection and the cash value of the policy can be accessed during the insured’s lifetime to help with temporary needs or emergencies.