Car Insurance

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Anyone who owns a vehicle and drives on public roads in Nova Scotia must have liability insurance. At the very least, drivers must carry $500,000 of third party liability insurance, accident benefits insurance and uninsured motorist coverage. Without car insurance, drivers risk losing their savings and personal assets every time they drive.

At OTC Insurance, we work with clients to find the appropriate level of coverage to fit their needs, budget and risk level. OTC works with 18 different auto insurers to get clients the best possible price for the coverage they desire.

As a broker, it is our job to act as an intermediary between the customer and the insurance company. We will advise you on the type and amount of insurance you should buy, administer the necessary paperwork and update your coverage as things change. We can also help with settling claims, acting as your “Claims Advocate.”

It is also wise to consult us when purchasing a vehicle to know the cost of insuring it as the annual cost of insurance can differ significantly between vehicles. This can be an important thing to consider when purchasing a vehicle.

You can click below and obtain a premium estimate within 2 minutes, however in order to ensure that you are receiving all discounts due to combining home/tenants insurance, affiliation with a particular group you should contact an OTC Broker.