Umbrella Insurance

Nova Scotia & New Brunswick

Commercial umbrella insurance provides an extra layer of liability insurance. It sits over your commercial general liability (CGL) policy and your automobile insurance. With society becoming more litigious, commercial umbrella policies provide higher liability limits. As your personal net worth grows, your need for increased liability insurance also grows.

Consider a case where your existing liability coverage is $1 million and you are successfully sued for $2 million, your umbrella coverage could make up the $1 million difference.

Some examples of instances that could apply to your business are if:

  • A company party gets out of control and it results in various injuries and damages. As the business owner, you could be held responsible.
  • A business dispute does not get resolved and you are successfully sued.
  • Your employee has a vehicular accident with a doctor who is permanently impaired from continuing work.

OTC Insurance offers commercial umbrella insurance for clients in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.