Umbrella Insurance

Nova Scotia & New Brunswick

Umbrella insurance is an extra layer of coverage that provides legal liability protection beyond what your home and auto insurance policies provide. It is becoming more common for individuals to have umbrella coverage because of the increasing litigious nature of our society. People sue for just about everything these days.

What would happen if you were sued for $1 million after an auto accident and your insurance only covered $500,000 in damages? It would be up to you pay the difference. This is where umbrella insurance kicks in.

It protects your assets, your retirement savings and your personal possessions. These could all be at risk if you are not properly covered. You can be covered from $1 to $10 million and more for extra liability limits.

Umbrella coverage is very common for business operators that have large assets to protect.

Automobile accidents often cause major losses and if a business owner has many drivers and vehicles, they have huge liability exposures.

Don’t risk what you’ve worked hard to establish, purchase umbrella insurance through OTC Insurance. Coverage is available for clients in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.